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Love, funk and Jazz radiate from the music of saxman and composer Carl Harris. In his compositions as well as his performances, Carl uses his life experiences to weave musical stories and melodies while engaging the music genres of R&B, pop and jazz as a means to produce powerful soul-searching contemporary jazz music.

His playing style developed as a result of the combination of classical music training, gigging in R&B bands, and listening to Sax players greats such as Grover Washington Jr. Boney James, and Gerald Albright. 

Carl loves music. It is the foundation that keeps him going strong. When life’s events throw him a curve ball he turns to his sax. When he writes music or plays the sax, his heart is filled with joy at the conversations that he feels are emitted from the lyrics and notes.  

Always driven by a seriousness of purpose and an innate ambition for success, Carl’s pursuit of music has been a life long journey. He began playing the piano when he was eight and quickly added the snare drums and the saxophone to the impressive list of instruments that he would come to master.

 Carl Harris currently lives is the Washington D.C area, is a native of Newport News, Virginia.  He spent 22 years as an Army officer. While music remained his first love, the demands of his career military career limited his performances to playing piano for gospel groups.  This limitation however set the stage for the next phase of his music evolvement and created a pathway to writing and performing gospel music. Following his retirement, from the Army, Carl earned an appointment as a minister of music for his church.  While serving in this capacity, he was inspired to write 23 original gospel songs.

But Carl's love of the saxophone kept calling to him.  So, after five years of playing the piano for the male chorus at his church, Carl decided to concentrate on playing the sax and to focus on his dream of producing contemporary Jazz.